TCC Committee Structure

Chair/Vice Chair — The chair of most open committees is a TCC Company Representative and a member of the TCC Board of Directors. The committee chair is appointed by the TCC Board Chair. The committee vice chair and subcommittee chairs are appointed by the committee chair.

Staff Liaison — A TCC staff member has been assigned as a liaison to every committee. If you have questions concerning committee functions, structure, meeting dates, minutes, or other areas, please contact the staff committee liaison identified in the specific committee section of the TCC Web site.

Composition and Charge — TCC committees are identified as either Open (members must be nominated by their company representative or facility manager) or Closed (members are nominated by the TCC Board Chair). To serve on a subcommittee or task group of an open committee, a person must be a member of the full committee. The committee composition and charge are identified within the TCC membership directory and also in the specific committee section of the TCC Web site.

Committee Advocacy — Committee members may be asked to address, or to submit in writing, industry issues and positions to various regulatory agencies, and to a lesser degree, to testify before legislative committees. The positions are developed either through the appropriate committee or subcommittee. A position should always be approved through the appropriate TCC staff liaison before it is submitted. The TCC staff liaison is responsible for adhering to TCC policy for approval of any comments or position. Since TCC policy requires approval of comments or testimony, coordination with TCC staff should be early enough to resolve any questions that may come up during the approval process. When comments are submitted close to the deadline, it is helpful to have a contact available in case questions arise during the approval process. If no one is available, comments submitted close to the deadline run the risk of having questioned items deleted to allow the bulk of the comments to go forward.

Subcommittees — Subcommittees, task groups and their respective chairs are identified and selected from committee members by the committee chair and vice chair with staff input. The subcommittees are required to keep minutes and report their activities to the main committees, which in turn files the minutes with TCC. Most subcommittees are identified within the TCC directory and in the specific committee section of the TCC Web site.

Meetings — TCC has a meetings department at the Austin office that is available to assist in securing meeting space and making other arrangements for meetings. The meetings department can be engaged by contacting the TCC office at (512) 646-6402. TCC will generally pay for meeting space and liquid refreshments if the meeting is arranged through TCC's Austin office. Other arrangements are the responsibility of those arranging or holding the meeting. Meetings may not be held unless those attending have read the Antitrust Policy contained in the membership directory.

Meetings at TCC Offices — Committees, subcommittees, and task groups are encouraged to use TCC facilities when holding meetings in Austin. In order to avoid conflicts, TCC keeps a calendar for the two meeting rooms at TCC's Austin offices. Contact your staff committee liaison to reserve a room. In the event that a group needs to meet before 8:30 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m., please contact the appropriate staff liaison in advance so arrangements can be made to make the office available.

Meeting Notices, Agendas and Minutes — All committees and subcommittees shall use agendas and prepare minutes, both of which shall be on file in TCC's Austin offices. This is required by the Antitrust Policy. For committees, this is customarily done by the vice-chair. Subcommittee minutes and agendas are normally prepared by the subcommittee chair. Quarterly committee meeting notices are normally sent out 6 weeks before the meeting. Agendas are sent out by TCC staff as soon as they are received.

Outside Resources — All outside resources sought by TCC committees must first be approved through the appropriate TCC staff liaison. Written requests describing the scope of work, timing and estimated costs usually come from the chair or the vice chair. The TCC staff liaison must ensure such requests are properly approved before any obligations are made.

Coordination with ACC — TCC is a member of the Federation of State Chemical Associations (sponsored by the American Chemistry Council). TCC takes the lead for the chemical industry in the state of Texas. Likewise, ACC takes the lead on federal issues. In the few instances where ACC comments on state law or rules, ACC usually provides TCC with advance notice and coordinates its comments with TCC. If TCC is preparing comments for federal rules or legislation, the committee should ensure that its activities are coordinated with ACC by notifying the appropriate TCC staff liaison.

Web Page — All committee pages include minutes, agendas and notices. In order to improve communications among members of the TCC technical committees regarding regulatory and legislative issues, those committee sections include a library of issues.