About Us

Texas Chemical Council (TCC) is a statewide trade association of chemical manufacturing facilities in Texas. Currently, 68 member companies produce vital products for our way of life, fulfill educational and quality-of-life needs and provide employment and career opportunities for more than 74,000 Texans at over 200 separate facilities across the state. Their combined economic activity sustains nearly a half-million jobs for Texans.

Organized in 1953, TCC was the country's first state trade association that represented the chemical industry's common interests at the state level. The primary concern then was to present a unified position on the issue of taxes being proposed on the industry. As the chemical industry grew in size and importance to Texas, TCC expanded to represent the Texas chemical industry in many other important areas such as environmental protection, health and safety issues, tort reform and energy policy.

Each TCC member company appoints a top executive to serve as a liaison with the association. The business and affairs of the Council are managed by a Board of Directors whose members are chosen from among these member-company representatives. TCC maintains a full-time Austin office with a professional staff that work with the Texas Legislature and state agencies, and provides services to council members. TCC staff members focus the vast technical expertise of member-company employees through an established committee structure to give effective input to the legislative and regulatory processes.